This bot adds the !space command that gets NASAs random image of the day and then posts it to your discord server

This project was originally made in Python but has now been moved to NodeJS, You can find all of the original files in the “OldPythonVersion” folder.


Invite the bot to your server:
Source code:


These are the commands for our hosted version they might be different if you have edited the file.

  • !help – Displays all the commands the bot has
  • !space – Displays NASAs random image/video of the day
  • !credits – Displays the author’s credits

You will need

  • NodeJS and NPM
  • Discord.JS
  • Request

How to install

  1. Make sure you have NodeJS and NPM installed
  2. Next download all the required files from and put them into a folder called SpaceBot and enter it
  3. Now install Discord.JS and Request by running the following commands:
  • npm install Discord.js
  • npm install request
  1. Now edit the config.json file with your discord token and NASA API key, Here you can also change the command prefix.
  2. Now run the command “node index.js”
  3. You should have a working version of spacebot!


You are allowed to rename, rebrand etc as long as credit to us (meaning is given and you do not claim this work to be yours. This bot also must not be used commercially.