This bot allows you to direct message everyone in a discord server. This is not currently being hosted by us as we do not want to get banned from the discord API because people abuse it. Please remember to use this bot responsibly and to people that consent to its use.

Source code: https://github.com/EdansTech/DiscordDM/

Node & NPM

How to setup:

  1. Open the config.json file in your favourite text editing program
  2. Where it says your token here put your token
  3. Now safe the config.json file
  4. Open the command prompt
  5. type “node index.js”
  6. Your bot should now be running

How to use:

To DM everyone in the discord server give yourself a role called DM (The bot should have created this for you if you gave it the right permissions), This gives you permission to DM everyone in the server.
Next type “!dm (Message)” this will send that message out to everyone in the server.